Building Science


When it's said, "They don't build them like they used to," Wright Builders responds, "Thank goodness for that!" The house of today is built far superior than those of past decades. They have hundreds more features, safety requirements that were absent , and are substantially larger and more complex. Those complexities must be understood and managed.

One example is how air-tight the house of today is, with the intention of conserving as much energy as possible. As Newton's third law states, "To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction..." The downside of air tightness has become moisture management. A builder today cannot just be an assembler of bricks and sticks. They must be educated in the latest building technologies, also known as building science.

There are two ways to gain this knowledge, either through mistakes or through planned learning. Wright Builders has been committed from its inception to continuing education. Rob and Lori Wright regularly attend various forums to stay current with the latest information, from seminars presented by local experts, to training provided by the National Association of Homebuilders at both the annual International Builders Show or the Remodeling Show. Leading experts come from all over the world to these conventions to pass on what they have learned and offer new, innovative practices.

You can be assured that your Wright Builders custom home or remodeling project will incorporate these practices and will be as technically advanced as possible for the times.