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      Rob Wright was the kid who had to be coaxed inside because it was getting dark, and he just wanted a few more minutes to work on whatever tree house or "fort" he was building. That desire to make something guided him to the typical hands-on classes offered at school, such as wood shop, sheet metal, welding classes, etc. High school offered advanced building trades, which again was a natural fit. But it was with the building of an actual house in his senior year that the question an 18 year old asks of himself, "What am I going to be and do for a living for the rest of my life?" was answered. So began a career that took Rob from Michigan to California in the late 1970's, working initially for a cabinet manufacturing company, then commercial construction and remodeling, and on to various trades while working on the thousands of "track" homes being built at the time.

      As the early years went by, a dream began to form. That dream included starting a family and establishing a building business of his own. Rob and his wife, Lori, moved back to Midland and Rob quickly became a licensed contractor in the state of Michigan. Wright Builders was founded in early 1988, the same year as the birth of their son. Not only did a smaller and closer knit community offer a better quality of life for his new family, Midland also gave Rob the opportunity to become much more engaged with the local community, something he was, and remains, deeply passionate about.

      As Wright Builders developed a solid reputation in the Midland area, the subsequent growth of the company required an expansion of the workforce. Lori joined the company in 1992, leaving her own career in corporate America, bringing with her a financial and management background as well as a natural flair for interior design.

      Rob and Lori use a team approach to home building. Lori works at length with Wright Builders' customers, giving one-on-one design guidance and assistance throughout the building process. Her input is focused more on creative ideas and incorporating individual tastes. Rob evaluates ideas and processes from a functionality and cost-to-produce standpoint and is hands-on in the field daily, ensuring that the project is on schedule and work is being performed to Wright Builders high standards. Together, Rob and Lori bring a positive, can-do attitude, and systematically guide every customer through all phases of the construction process.

Now, over two decades later, 65+ houses later, thousands of remodeling projects later and with many awards and achievements in the industry,  you have a team that knows the residential construction business in depth, who strives to make each project exciting and a stress-free experience for their customers, and who feels fortunate every day to be living their dream.

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Rob & Lori Wright